I’m a writer and editor who served as news director at Travel + Leisure and travel editor at The Wall Street Journal. But that’s far from the whole story.

I’m a journalist with deep print and digital experience. I’ve been a business editor at the New York Post, written about weddings for Marie Claire, covered real estate for Forbes and reported on chemical weapons stockhpiles in Alabama. I co-founded and ran a startup that dominated the Great Recession (read the New York Times coverage) and helped launch or overhaul several other online properties.

Some more tidbits: I’m a native New Yorker. My first international trip was in 1984, when my family took me out of school to spend three months exploring China. I once drove my ’96 Honda Civic around a NASCAR track. I made my wedding band (and my husband’s). And despite many lessons, I can only play one song on the guitar. I’m so out of practice, I probably can’t even do that anymore.